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iec assignment

IEC middle test

Please answer the following questions
1. What time is it?
Tell the following time in two ways!

a. 5.05
b. 12:15
c. 7:45
d. o6.00
e. 9:55

2. Use the following words and expressions in sentences!

 midnight
 business hours (N)
 from nine to five
 Monday through Friday
 leisure (N)
 get dressed
 college (N)
 lecturer (N)
 student union (N)
 attend (V)
 enroll (V)
 hand in (V)
 register (V)
 submit (V)
 punctual (Adj.)
 make an appointment
 classmates (N)
 obey (V)
 bored (adj.)
 boring (adj.)
 obedient (adj.)
 strict (adj.)
 subway (n)
 downtown (n)
 hill (n)
 pond (n)
 dormitory (n)
 immigrant (n)
 date (n)
 insurance (n)
 fill out (v)
 renew (v)
 Easy-going (adj.)
 Cigar (n)
 Expire (v)
 Continent (n)
 Cash (v)
 Check (n)

3. Fill in the blanks with correct answers!

a. a.m. stands for..... and p.m. stands for.....
b. I have English class…weekdays
c. We have class…nine o’clock….the evening.
d. She sleeps…night.
e. Hardy’s is open…..9.00 a.m….6.00 p.m.

4. Read the following sentences and answer the questions.
The pet’s shop is open from eight to eleven on Saturday and from eight to nine on Monday through Friday. It is closed on Sunday.
a. What are the business hours of the pet’s shop?
b. Is it closed on Wednesday? Is it open on weekdays?

5. Read the Sign Boards then answer the questions!
1. bella spa ,daily 9-8 weekend 8-10
2. singaraja bakery 7-12 1•30-5
3. - Lil’ Angel -Baby Shop 9-12•30 1•30-6 Closed Sunday am

a. It is 9:30 p.m. on Thursday and you feel so tired after a busy day at campus. Is it possible to get relaxing massage cream at Bella spa?
b. How long is Singaraja bakery closed for lunch?
c. Can you buy shampoo for your little niece before 9 a.m. on Monday?
d. How many shops close for lunch?
e. Which shop is open until 10 p.m. on Sunday?

6. Complete the following dialogue!
Ruth : What time…you usually (get) up, Cathy?
Cathy : I usually (get) up at six. I love to see the sunrise during my breakfast.
Ruth : Me too. I usually (have) some coffee for my breakfast, but I don’t have…milk. Do you have… milk for breakfast?
Cathy : Yes, sometime.

7. Change the following sentences into questions using Who, What, Where, and When.
a. Maya is absent today. (Who)
b. They love their son. (Who)
c. You look at the pink sweater in Hardy’s. (What)
d. They listen to the radio. (What)
e. We study in the library. (Where)
f. You go to school everyday. (Where)
g. We go to the city park on Sunday morning. (When)
h. I do my exercises at home. (Where)

8. Arrange the words into correct sentences
a. go to want post office they to
b. homework now my don’t to have do I

9. Change the following sentences into correct grammatical form! (Only if you think it is wrong!)
a. There is mice in the school hall.
b. Are there some persons in the movies?
c. There is no any money on the table
d. There are two men fighting on the street.
e. Jack doesn’t goes to school early.
f. Does we know the answer?
g. People relaxes at home
h. What time does Marry and Jenny go to the movie?
10. too/either
a. I have a dog. You have…
b. She doesn’t like ugly boy, and you...
c. Jule doesn’t have a sister. I…
d. I am a student, and you…

11. Look at the map downtown. You are at the place marked X. please answer the questions. Use the word in the parentheses as a guide.

a. Where is the Bank? (on the corner of)
b. Where is the movie theater? (next to)
c. Where is the cafeteria? (across the street from)
d. Where is the department store? (Main Street; left)
e. Where is the parking structure? (on the corner of)
f. Where is the library? (Main Street; right)
g. Where is the post office? (across the street from)
h. Where is the cafeteria? (next to)
i. Where is the Bank? (next to; on the corner of)
j. Where is the drugstore? (on the corner of; across the street from)

12. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct words.
a. You live___Indonesia. I live___the United States.
b. You live___Paris. I live___Toronto.
c. You live____Main Street. I live___Jackson Avenue.
d. You live___400 Main Street. I live___1834 Jackson Avenue.
13. Answer the questions in complete sentences!
a. Where do you live? (province)
b. Where do you live? (city/regency)
c. Where do you live? (sub-district)
d. Where do you live? (street and number)

…Good Luck…

classic eed Bravoo

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